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Accommodating lenses for cataracts

Multifocal lenses accomplish this feat by assigning some light that enters the eye to near vision, and some light to distance vision.

Accommodating lenses reduce the need for glasses by changing their position in the eye, which changes the focal length of the eye to match the task being performed at that time.

Lens types can be divided into four major categories: Standard lenses, Wavefront lenses, Toric (astigmatism correcting) lenses and Multifocal/Accommodating lenses Standard intraocular lenses are excellent foldable lenses that are implanted through small self-sealing incisions.

They provide good vision for one focal distance only, meaning the patient must choose whether to be more dependent on glasses for either reading or driving.

Investigators comparing traditional lenses to wavefront lenses reported that wavefront-corrected IOLs permit better reaction times than standard IOLs when elderly subjects were tested in a night-driving simulator.

The ideal Wavefront lens patient has no significant astigmatism and wants the best possible vision available, and accepts that glasses will be needed for some activities.

Toric lenses use conventional spherical optics technology, meaning when the pupil is large as would occur with night-driving, dim lighting or in fog, some visual distortion and reduced contrast sensitivity will occur.Accommodating lenses are not suitable for patients with previous eye trauma, or who have unstable support structures for the intraocular lens.Multifocal/Accommodating lenses are not suitable for patients with significant astigmatism unless additional surgery is performed.Light rays cannot focus clearly, and the image you see is blurry.Eyeglasses or contact lenses usually can correct slight refractive errors caused by early cataracts, but they cannot sharpen your vision if an advanced cataract is present.

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It is important to note that Multifocal/Accommodating Lenses are not the best choice of lens for everyone.